Paper Earth is a set of online projects to connect artists, conservation initiatives, and their audiences. It starts with the core value that creating and preserving beauty are the twins of human progress. Art has always been a way that we study, narrate, and reimagine the natural world. Through artist features, cause-specific content creation, interviews, original art sales, and more - we add the imaginative pleasure and perspective of visual art to the journalism, science, and policy that shape our every day engagement with the environment and environmental causes.   


We seek to use the uniquely thought-provoking communication of thousands of artists worldwide to raise awareness and funds for the critical diversity of environmental stewardship and problem-solving in the 21st century. Beginning online as a free-content bridge between audiences and charities, we hope to become a massive community of artists, businesses, donors, causes, environmentalists, and concerned citizens through public membership, information sharing, collaborative art projects, and cross-promotion. While most of our effort will exist online, we hope to expand what we do into scholastic, exhibition, and community programming that marks an innovative front line for the connection between creation and conservation. While we look to develop more structural funding resources - we invite you to donate directly to us at the button below: