Everyone has a place on Paper Earth. 

As we begin, our primary force is as a tool of promotion and solidarity for the connection between art production and conservation efforts. Whether you are an artist, a teacher, a scientist, environmentalist, organization, business, or simply a concerned citizen - WE WILL BE ABLE to work with you to expand our mission.

The first way to do this is to become a member. All you need to do is place a paper earth badge (as pictured on the right) on your website or blog, linking back to PaperEarth.org. PLEASE CONTACT to tell us that you'd like to join and we will send you a badge JPG and incorporate your name, website, and social media profile into our Membership page. We will announce your membership in the next newsletter. There is no cost to any of this. We do not charge fees.

And Voila - your art receives permanent promotion and Paper Earth gathers strength in numbers!