Kelly Peters: Aspen, Colorado


The mountains I paint are in response to my immediate surroundings and the spontaneity of paint pigments. Through this combination, I am able to create something in-between visual reality and what I envision in my mind. I live in Aspen, Colorado- a mountain town that many may consider a spot for celebrities, but I consider home. This place completely changed my painting style and what I considered to be the way I “needed” to paint. It’s been invigorating to let go of my own thoughts on how I needed to make art. Painting these mountains has been a return to my childhood in the sense that I am painting and drawing similar images. It’s wild to see that return in my art. These mountains in the Roaring Fork Valley are pure magic. They are the energy that inspired me to get outside and start painting in plein air. Reminding me that painting is a dance. The more I relax and let the music move me, the more I am able to find a flow with my painting style and let the energy emerge. I like to watch where my brush takes me on the canvas and be present. And the mountain landscape allows me to be present. It’s difficult to be present in this life. I find myself distracted constantly and painting is my way to find a flow state. I don’t know how long I will continue to paint the mountains- but when I move on to a new subject I will continue to search for the life and vibrance the mountains have brought to my life.