Ongoing Donations allow us to expand the mission and impact of Paper Earth. We are not a non-profit charity, but a two-person operation, technically functioning as a sole-proprietorship. For this reason, we want to be absolutely transparent about how your money will be used and the good that we plan to build from your investment. 

This is exactly how your donations are used:

Every $10 donation compensates creators Miles Lewis and Steven Van $2 for the labor of developing each volume of Paper Earth. Our third party payment service takes ~ $0.50 from each donation, on an ongoing basis. This means that you are donating ~$7.50 to each month's cause. 

We want Paper Earth to be a financially sustainable and expansive project, so here's our 6 Month Objective: 

PROOF OF CONCEPT: At 2000 downloads/mo. - We’re able to sustain the project past the 6 month mark. At this point, we're infusing a considerable $14,820 into each month's cause - while broadly expanding their profile and giving you the opportunity to learn about and share their efforts.  Miles and Steven will each be compensated $2000 for their work. 

Beyond the 6 months, here are our planned landmarks: 

ART COMMISSIONS PROJECT: At 4000 downloads/mo. - We are able to donate an amazing $29,640 to each month's cause. Miles and Steven will be making $4000, each. At this point, they can begin their ART COMMISSIONS program, by pooling $2000 dollars, per month. This involves competitively commissioning animators (at a cost of $1500) to create 1 minute animations that creatively project the message of each month's cause. With the remaining $500, we will commission illustrators, in consultation with each month's cause, to create superior infographic and content-specific illustrations to enliven the cause's online representation.  Beyond raising the profile of all involved, this will be our first step in becoming an original fund for connecting artists and conservation. 

THE YOUNG NATURALISTS PROGRAM: At 6000 downloads/mo. - We are able to donate a game-changing $44,460 to each month's cause. Miles and Steven will be making $6000, each. They will continue and adapt their ART COMMISSIONS program, by pooling $2000-$3000, per month. At this point, they will begin THE YOUNG NATURALISTS program, communicating with teachers around the US and abroad, as possible. This program involves getting Paper Earth sketchbook kits and educational materials into the hands of 100's of young artists, giving them the means and purpose to draw, paint, and catalogue the natural phenomena that surround them in whatever town, city, state, or region they happen to be in. These images will be collected and published through Paper Earth to fundraise for environmental causes, local to the students. IMAGINE - 50 kids in Wisconsin creating a book that raises $50,000 for citizen-lead forest stewardship efforts!

BEYOND THIS NUMBER, THE PROJECT SPREADS: Miles and Steven will begin strategizing to replicate this model for online publication fundraising in other fields of interest - including Arts, Science, and Educational Charities. This includes bringing on employees and/or partners and creating a Paper Earth family of websites.